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The Great Explant: Removing My Breast Implants, Conquering Mold Poisoning, and Taking Back My Life

Earlier this year, I faced a hard fact: The breast implants I had put into my body at the age of 18 were making me sick, and I needed surgery to remove them.

It took ten years for me to learn that the plastic from the implants were the cause behind so many of my crippling health problems. I had been suffering from a mystery systemic mold overgrowth for over eight of those years (which baffled my doctors) and it was getting worse by the day. I felt devastated when I realized that I had done this to myself.

When I was 18, the words "research" and "long term consequences" weren't in my vocabulary. Body positivity and acceptance was not a thing in my social circle back then, and I was surrounded by several women at my waitressing job that had implants. It didn't seem like a big deal, and I had a large surplus of income from my new job with nothing to spend it on.

This is what I look back on as my "perfect storm".

But, the consequences didn't hit …